High Holborn          Chamber Choir



The choir holds recruitment days on the first 2/3 rehearsals of each term.  The choir is seeking to add new members in a balanced way each term until we reach a full choir of 8 persons per part.

If you would like to join us for a recruitment day or taster session, you will sing with us for our rehearsal and then meet our MD, Rachel Maby, at the end for a short audition using the pieces practiced in the rehearsal (you do not need to prepare anything  in advance). 

We rehearse every Thursday at the Swiss Church, 7pm-9pm. Please email Dora Roberts at info@highholborncc.org.uk if you would like to attend or to make further enquiries

Our Members

All the members of our choir have a good voice, some existing choral experience and are united by a love of small group singing. Our aim is always to perform to our very best and practise within a friendly, supportive and developmental environment. We make time to have fun and socialize both at rehearsals and in the tavern after each rehearsal. In a small choir every voice counts, so we all recognise our responsibility to each other and the choir, to commit to attending rehearsals and to practice at home to ensure that we perform to our best.


New Members

We are looking for new  members whom have previous choral experience with a good voice and the confidence to hold a line within a multi-part harmony.  We would like you to have good sight-singing ability or the willingness to put in time outside rehearsals to practice the music. We require a commitment to attend at least 70% of the rehearsals each choir term and to be able to attend the last two rehearsals before our concerts. The choir sings over three terms each year with a break in the summer.


Membership Fees

Joining Fee £20

Membership Fee £120  

Concessions may be available £90

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the choir, our concerts or if you are interested in joining us on one of our recruitment days, we would love to hear from you.